Squablo Of All Saints Tattoo

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Tattooing since 1997, Squablo has made a name for himself in his town of Ormond Beach, Florida for being the go-to guy for black and grey. If a portrait is what you seek, then everyone is going to point you right to All Saints Tattoo and to Squablo’s booth. Though he’s trained in the dark arts for almost 20 years and finds himself inspired by artists such as Paul Booth and Bob Tyrell, this Michigan born artist is top notch in so much more than black and grey. In fact, a number of his color tattoos have become internet famous, including his Mario pieces and his rendition of Tim Shumate’s mermaid.

If given a choice, Squablo is all about the nerd tattoos. Whether it’s Star Wars, Mario or other video games and geeky themes, he eats it up! If it’s a portrait you’re looking for though, it’s no secret Squablo is the man. His attention to detail and smooth shading make his portraits of your loved ones, better than the photo itself.


This happens to be Squablo’s 7th or 8th Tattoofest, and he’s excited to see what this year will bring. Though this veteran doesn’t share any of his juicy stories, he does say some of his best come from this very convention. Come see Squablo this year in the Painted Lady Magazine booth.


  1. Patti

    He is my guy and my son’s and we would NEVER go anywhere else!!!!!! A true artist!

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