Miss Tattoofest Beauty Pageant

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Think you have what it takes to be in a tattoo magazine? Want to be the face of this year’s Tattoofest? Then join us for the Miss Tattoofest hosted by Painted Lady Magazine.  Ladies will be judged on personality, poise and appearance through 3 rounds. First round will be a quick wave to the audience, let’s see how you strut your stuff in your cutest outfit! 2nd round we will ask you a question or two, we want to know your inner painted lady. And finally in our last round we will narrow down to our top 5 and get to know our favorite ladies a little better. 
There is no cost to enter and the winner will receive a photo shoot with renowned photographer David Bollt of ModelSociety.com as well as a spread in Painted Lady Magazine, a gift basket from convention vendors, custom Bags From luv173.com and more!
 Want to earn bonus points? Bring a themed costume or outfit for our intermission and have the chance to be a part of an exclusive series of themed sets photo shoots that will be featured in Painted Lady magazine.  Sets come with themed antique bikes and cars that are sure to knock your socks off. Themes include: Iron man, Bat man, Geisha bike, and all American Rat Rod.
Don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting yourself ready?  Let Joanna’s gals do it for you.  Hair, make-up and outfits will all be available at an additional cost for our ladies who need a hand or want a look different from their usual routine (please note this company is in no way affiliated with Painted Lady Magazine or Tattoofest and purchasing services only enhances your chance of winning if it enhances your self confidence)

To enter the Miss TattooFest Pageant, visit the Painted Lady Magazine booth.  Want a head start on the competition? Fill out the form below and send to: editor@paintedladymag.com
Name: _________________________
Birthdate: __________________________________
Phone number: __________________________
Email: __________________________________________
Favorite tattoo shop: ____________________________________________
Favorite tattoo that you have and artist it is by: _____________________________________
What’s your favorite quote: ____________________________________________________
What are some of your favorite things (hobbies, places, items, whatever!):
Why do you want to be this year’s miss tattoo fest: ____________________________________
There is no entry fee. Must be 18 or older to participate.



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