Featured Artist August Moon

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First my name is not August Moon. Ever since a magazine article about me and my Delaware studio “August Moon” came out in 1997 that’s what everyone calls me. The name has made me as recognizable as the way I dress. I’ve stopped counting how many people have come up and said “wow your August Moon your famous aren’t you.” My reply is always “no you have me confused with two thousand Chinese restaurants.”  One woman was so excited she ran up and said “your August Moon, I saw you on radio” I said “made me look fat did in it ? “ she said yes your much better looking in person.


I try and never take what little success I have seriously; it is way to fleeting and doesn’t mean much at the end. Talking about the end that’s where I am quickly approaching due to age and the aches and pains that come with it. Between age and not being able to play well with others I now work strictly by appointment. Several people suggested I write a book about the changes I have seen over the past 20 plus years. Not because I am an old timer like Stanly or Lyle but because I started between gunshots and casting calls. I took them up on it and will premier “True Tattoo” it at Bruce’s Tattoo Festival.

If you would like to know how I got my start with Crazy Eddie Funk, my opinion on tattoo TV shows, what it takes to be a world famous curmudgeon or even what a curmudgeon is then come buy my book. For those of you who still have me confused with Chinese restaurants I will be glad to sign them there just like real famous people do. I will tell you this you’ll laugh or I’ll get you in the “International Organization of Happy Curmudgeons” we live life bitching with a smile.

Thank you, August Moon

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