Escape Bradenton

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Escape Bradenton:

“What is an Escape Room? The short version of what an escape room is… “a live, interactive game in which a player must use and manipulate their surroundings to escape an enclosed area.”

Escape Bradenton is a live action adventure, where you are challenged to use creative and lateral thinking to solve your way out of a locked room. Escape Bradenton is a type of adventure game in which people are “locked” in a brilliantly themed, decorated room with other participants and the team uses elements within the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit.

Our rooms are a lot like video games come to life. They are filled with gadgets, puzzles, and 2nd generation escape game technology and tailored  for groups of 4-8 players.

Sarasota/Bradenton’s PREMIERE Escape Game Experience. Your new choice for interactive entertainment. Experience a puzzle-filled adventure game.”


“Infiltrate the vault, survive a booby-trapped bunker, and pull off the greatest heist in history! Players will join an Allied commando team tasked with stealing a mysterious artifact from a secret vault controlled by the mystical and enigmatic Brotherhood of the Black Sun.

With challenges and puzzles inspired by the most ruthless military geniuses of WWII, this heart-pounding third chapter of Labyrinth will change the fate of millions!

Tip: fear not! Even the bravest of puzzlers can crumble under pressure. If your team needs assistance, you will be aided by the steel nerves of the battle-hardened Sergeant Wells!”


“A mysterious letter from a missing archeology professor sets you down a path of mythic proportions. Discover the legend of the Architects and begin your adventure into the world of Escape Bradenton!

Featuring puzzles inspired by history’s most enigmatic geniuses, including Tesla, da Vinci, Dante, and others.

This exhilarating first chapter is a fast-paced and truly enjoyable adventure that is sure to surprise and impress.”


“Prepare to be disturbed by a game that can be cunningly customized to each team that enters – an experience offered only at Escape Bradenton.Every choice your team makes inside the room will affect your ability to escape, and ultimately, your chance of survival. With challenges and puzzles inspired by the sickest minds in history, this game will leave you stunned. This terrifying escape game will challenge both the mind and the conscience. Disclaimer: due to disturbing and violent content, no one under 17 is allowed to enter this adventure without a parent or guardian.”

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